Dead Time is a technique used by paranormal researchers while attempting to verify claims of supernatural activity. The investigators believe that being alone in a room, after dark, eliminating unnecessary lights and electronic devices heightens one’s senses. This enables the researcher to be fully alert for experiencing the nuances of the space that surrounds them. Investigators become so attuned with a space during Dead Time that they believe to have seen and heard spirits. Are their conclusions valid, or did the silence and darkness play tricks on their minds?

The Dead Time theory inspired me to conduct an experiment of leaving a subject in an isolated room for one hour, challenging them to become truly enveloped by the room’s atmosphere. Subjects are given a small flashlight that cannot be turned off, while my large format camera stands in the back of the room recording their time in the space. When the Dead Time ends I collect my camera and enter another dark room to finish the experiment. Developing the film; revealing what haunts the space.
Skott (Self Portrait), Courtroom #1
Sam, Forbiddon Room
Jessie, Pau Room
Joseph, Study Room
Michelle, 3rd Floor Storage
Rebecca, Administration Office
Charlotte, Classroom