This work was made after an experience I had durring my two years as a Hotel Valet.

One night a drunk Marine with PTSD, who had abused his girlfriend in his hotel room, was hiding in the back seat of a Mercedes SUV that I drove to the front of the hotel. The Marine's girlfriend had tried to get away and called for Valet to get her vehicle, but the Marine beat me to it.

It took a few hours after my shift ended to digest the situation of having a drunk, angry Marine with PTSD behind me as I drove to help the woman he recently abused...I was unaware of his presence in the vehicle...What would have happend had I adjusted the seat back (as I normally did to accommodate my 6'4" frame, but not on that night) and hit him, or noticed him in some way?

After that night I began checking around me in the parking garage as I went to retrieve guest's vehicles. Looking in the back seats of the vehicles before I entered them. In this hyperaware state I began using my phone's camera to make photographs of vehicles rear backing displays.